It’s A Family Thing

It’s hard to say for sure when Tio’s started, since the idea began so very long ago in the Loera Family. The spirit was born through a love of family, culture, and–most importantly– good home cooking. The restaurants themselves are the manifestation of these principles instilled within them by their patriarch, Mr. Antonio Loera, whom all of you have seen on our menu.

The Tio’s we all know and love actually began in 2002, when Mr. Jose Loera founded the first location. Jose later partnered with his brother Mario and his brother-in-law, Mr. Ruben Contreras. It all started in the Alta Loma area of Rancho Cucamonga, California, and grew to include a second location in Rancho (Day Creek), a location in Riverside (Van Buren), and a location in Fontana (Sierra Lakes).

The Loera and Contreras families have been in the restaurant business for more than 25 years and brought to Tio’s all their experience and love for the restaurant business. Anyone in the food service industry can (and will) tell you how difficult it can be. We see things differently. For our family, it truly has been the American dream. Tio’s has provided us with great opportunities and the ability to get to know and serve our community. The feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment we get when any of our customers compliment our food is really indescribable.

As we assimilated American culture, our taste buds evolved and the result was the menu that we now feature at our locations. It is still our beloved Mexican food combined with the American palate. We expect to have a very long relationship with the cities in which Tio’s now finds itself, we look forward to serving all of you and we hope all our customers love Mexican food as much as we love sharing it with you.

Zacatecas 101
Our family is originally from state of Zacatecas (pronounced SAH-cah-TAY-cas), Mexico. In the heart of the city are the ornate spires and massive dome of the “Catedral de Zacatecas”, the city’s cathedral, regarded as one of the Mexico’s finest. We have featured the famous North Tower of the cathedral on the front of our menu as a small way of sharing its legendary beauty with all of you. We have also tried to include the rest of the city’s beauty and share it with our customers by including photographs and artisanal items in all of our locations. We hoped to convey the feel of our home state in the atmosphere of each restaurant.

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